P. chrysogenum for Rapid Microbial Methods - Now available in popular EZ-Accu Shot™ format

16 October 2023

New Strain Available!

Getting sterile short-life products to market is critical to patient safety. Microbiologics is pleased to add P. chrysogenum ATCC® 10106 to our retail EZ-Accu Shot™ product line to make validation and routine QC for respiration based rapid microbial methods easier. We understand QC can’t wait because patient safety can’t wait.

0178A Penicillium chrysogenum derived from ATCC® 10106™* 

Penicillium chrysogenum derived from ATCC® 10106™ - EZ-Accu Shot™
Quantitative microorganism preparation that delivers less than 100 CFU per 0.1 ml of hydrated suspension. No dilutions required. Kit contains: 5 pellets of a single enumerated strain and 5 vials of hydrating fluid (1.2 ml per vial).

  • Biosafety Level: 1
  • Product Format: EZ-Accu Shot™
  • Strain Characteristics: Mold
  • Test Method: Sterility Testing
  • Catalogue Number: MB0178
  • Standards and Guidelines: U.S. Pharmacopeia (USP)  
  • Taxonomy: Fungi
  • Industry Type: Pharmaceutical

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