Product Line Extension EZ-Accu Shot™ MB0170A Cutibacterium acnes derived from ATCC® 6919™

4 December 2023

Our #1 Growth Promotion Testing product, EZ-Accu Shot™ continues to grow as we expand the strains offered based on customer requests/feedback. Cutibacterium acnes, a slow growing gram positive bacteria, is joining the Microbiologics product family in the EZ-Accu Shot™ format.

Testing for Cutibacterium acnes can be relevant in several common industries, including cell therapy manufacturers, non-sterile drug manufacturers, and blood banks. Contamination from Cutibacterium acnes can be attributed to lab personnel.

Rapid microbial methods, such as ATP Bioluminescense based assays, have identified a greater abundance of Cutibacterium acnes in clean rooms compared to traditional culture-based approaches. C. acnes offers a unique challenge in that, although it is classified as an anaerobe, it can tolerate oxygen and growing at a reduced rate. Thus, labs should take a risk-based approach when considering what controls to put into place for their personnel and environmental monitoring.