Microbiologics Culture Passages

8 November 2023

Microbiologics defines a passage (or subculture) as simply the transfer of established microorganism growth on one agar plate to a fresh agar plate. The subsequent growth on the fresh agar constitutes a passage or subculture.

Growing a reference culture or reference stock culture from its preserved status (i.e. frozen or lyophilized) is not considered a passage (or subculture). The preserved microorganism is not in a stage of established growth until it is thawed or hydrated and grown for the first time.

Therefore, the LYFO DISK and KWIK-STIK products, when first hydrated, remain at the stated passage. It is only when this subsequent growth is subcultured that an additional passage is incurred.  To learn more about culture passages, please click here.

If you have any further questions regarding culture passages or any other products in  the Microbiologics range,  please feel free to contact Cell Biosciences Technical Support  on 03 9416 1711.