Biolog omnilog promotional offer

27 october 2023 

  With the release of Biolog's new ODIN instrument, Cell Biosciences is   pleased to announce that we have 1 new OmniLog Instrument in stock,   available for immediate delivery and at a significantly reduced price!

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  OmniLog PhenoType MicroArray System

  The OmniLog PhenoType MicroArray System offers a simple automated process to meet the dynamic   workflow demands of a wide range of microbiology phenotyping applications. Even organisms requiring   special incubation temperatures or environments are easily accommodated, ensuring accurate phenotyping   for a broad spectrum of Gram-negative and Gram-positive bacteria.

  The OmniLog PM System fully automates the process of microbial phenotyping by incubating, reading and   interpreting results from up to 50 Biolog MicroPlates™ at a time. The system software provides directives to guide all steps of the testing process for each MicroPlate, including sample placement and removal and extended incubation when needed. Additional MicroPlates can be loaded and processed any time there is an open tray or phenotyping has been completed on a previously entered MicroPlate. Up to date information for each MicroPlate, including results as they become available, are continuously visible on the system’s menu screen.

Cell Biosciences offers full installation, training, and ongoing support to ensure successful implementation and usage of this innovative system in your laboratory. 

Omnilog Incubator Specifications